Lila Tribe tells her inspiring heartfelt story of beating her back pain from L5S1disc herniation and help from yoga and craniosacral therapy. 2 of my favourite things!

Bel's LilaTribe

I get contacted quite a bit by people who heard I might be able to help them with their back problems. Because of my own story it’s an area of yoga therapeutics that I put some focus on. And today I want to share my story with you.

I used to be a Hip Hop dancer and I taught fitness classes for many years. Dancing was my biggest passion. Jazz dance, Ballet, Contemporary, Street dance and of course Hip Hop. I loved it all and would dance for hours every day. Eventually I blew my back out for the first time. My lower back was on fire adding to my already exciting scoliosis in my lumber spine. Some weeks and quite a few visits to a physiotherapist later I was apparently fine and dancing again.

But from that time onwards my back would play up every now and then and…

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